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Renewable Resources

NineStar Connect purchases the power distributed to our members from Wabash Valley Power Association (WVPA). Currently, over 4% of the energy NineStar Connect distributes from WVPA is derived from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy can come from many sources, including solar, wind, biogas and methane.

The pursuit of Renewable Energy sources is a costly endeavor.  The energy consumption needs of our members cannot be met by Renewable sources alone.  The need for a balance between energy needs and environmental protection is important to the future of energy production.  The safe efficient production of energy from Renewable sources requires extensive research and technology funding.

NineStar Connect is working in conjunction with other co-op’s to support the fair and affordable development of Renewable Energy.  The Our Energy Our Future campaign is the focus of this commitment.  Visit www.ourenergy.coop for more information about the campaign and to learn how you can support these efforts.

The interest in member self-generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar are increasing. NineStar Connect has protocols in place for any member who is interested in self-generation.  The process starts with an application from the member describing the type and location of the generation equipment.  From there our engineering department will work with the member to determine the requirements and costs associated with safe connection to the electrical grid.

Self-generation Facilities Connection Requirements

Self-generation Interconnection Policy Overview