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Service Handbook

The NINESTAR CONNECT SERVICE HANDBOOK is a reference guide to the policies and procedures of NineStar Connect for the connection and supply of electrical service.  It is intended for use by electrical contractors, engineers, architects and all others involved in the planning and installation of electrical service and metering facilities, which are to be served by NineStar Connect.

This information sets out conditions under which electric service will be supplied.  In the event conditions arise which are not specifically covered in this booklet, consult NineStar Connect to determine applicable requirements.  NineStar Connect reserves the right to review and approve the design and layout of all new electrical service facilities to be connected to its system to assure the customer’s equipment is compatible with the utility’s design standards and will not in any way diminish continuity or quality of service to its members.

For more information contact the NineStar Engineering Department at (317) 477-2237.

Download the NineStar Connect Service Handbook