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Setting Up NineStar e-mail in Outlook

Navigate to the Add New Account screen in outlook.

  • Enter your Display Name under the ‘Your Name’ field
  • Enter your email address (including @myninestar.net) under the Email Address field
  • Enter your email password under the Password field.

Then Select the ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ button and click Next.

Choose the Internet Email option and click Next.

On the next screen

Select POP3 as the Account Type
Enter  pop.myninestar.net in the incoming mail server field
Enter smtp. myninestar.net in the outgoing mail server field
Enter your username (without @myninestar.net) in the Username field
Enter your mail password in the Password field

When all the information has been entered, click Next. Outlook should test your email settings and create the account.


Click Here if configuring e-mail in Microsoft Outlook using non-NineStar Internet provider.