Long Distance Plans

Real Savings Plan $.08 per minute with No monthly fee.

Real Savings is perfect for those who need to make only a few Long Distance calls a month. With this plan there is no monthly fee and only 8 cents a minute for any Long Distance calls.

24/7 Plan $2.95 monthly fee and $.05 per minute.

The 24/7 plan has the lowest monthly fee and prices minutes at only $.05 per minute!

2000 Minute Plan $25.00 per month

Get 2000 minutes of long distance calling for only $25.00 a month.

Add this plan to our Video OR Broadband Service for only $22.50 more.

OR add this plan to both our Video AND Broadband services for and additional $20.00 a month.

Unlimited Long Distance

With Broadband OR Video - $39.95 per month

With Broadband AND Video - $10.00 per month

With Expanded Basic Plus and Premium Plus Bundles – FREE
The Unlimited Long Distance Package is available for a monthly fee for an unlimited amount of minutes with 11 calling features. This package is not available for customers that have Telephone service only.
This package includes:

Voice Mail

Call Waiting Caller ID

Call Waiting ID

Speed Dial 8

Caller ID and On Screen Caller ID for Video Customers

Call Forward

Auto Callback

Auto Recall

Call Transfer

3-Way Calling

Calling Plans
Simple Connections $31.00 per month

Simple Connections is more than just basic telephone, this package includes 60 minutes of Long Distance calling as well as 3 calling features.

Basic Telephone Service

60 Minutes in Long Distance

Caller ID with Name and Number

Call Waiting with Caller ID

Call Forwarding

Advanced Connections $45 per month

With Advanced Connections get more than just basic phone service with 200 minutes of Long Distance calling and 9 calling features. Add our blazing fast Broadband to this package for an additional $40.

This package includes:

Basic Telephone Service

200 Minutes in Long Distance

Caller ID with Name and Number

Call Waiting with Caller ID

Call ForwardingSelective

Call Forward

Selective Call Rejection

Selective Call Acceptance

3-Way Calling

Automatic Recall

Voice Mail

Calling Cards
Prepaid Calling Cards make wonderful gifts. We can personalize calling cards for those special occasions such as graduation. 30 minutes $2.61 60 minutes $5.23 90 minutes $6.87 120 minutes $9.15 150 minutes $11.45 (Prices include tax)
We also offer Calling Cards at $.15 a minute that can be billed to your bill.

Terms and Conditions

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