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PBX Security Tips

Cyber Fraud Hits Central Indiana

Recently we had a customer experience a theft that was very disturbing. The incident was a theft of long distance to the tune of over $12,000! The thieves came in through the voicemail box of the client’s key system, and then they accessed the phone system and dialed overseas. This theft is classified as Cyber Fraud and is very disturbing to all involved.

To help you protect yourself and your company from this type of Cyber Fraud, please find the PBX and Voice Mail Security Tips document we have included. To get you off to a quick start, here’s 3 items to start with:

  • Change all voicemail default passwords immediately and change passwords often
  • Restrict 0+, 0-, and 10-10-XXX dialing out of your PBX
  • Restrict all possible means of out-dial capability in your voice mail system

Please see the above referenced document for more security tips. We’re here to help. Give us a call at 317-326-3131 if you need further information.