Data Backup

NineStar NerdTo protect against data loss that can occur due to hardware or software malfunctions, NineStar Connect recommends that all customers have a backup solution in place. Whether you backup to an external hard drive or to a cloud based service, it’s imperative to plan for the worst. NineStar Connect provides a cloud based backup system as a separate service, that backups up your data off-site. With the data backup service, NineStar Connect will work with you to setup a schedule and begin the first scheduled backup to your desired location (External HD, 3rd Party Cloud Backup Service, or NineStar Connects Cloud Backup Service). Included in the fee is two hours of tech time. For customers that use NineStar Connects backup service a discount will apply for the data backup fee. If additional time is necessary to setup the backup schedule it would be billed at $59.95/hour in home or $49.95/hour in office.