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Billing Information

Monthly Statement and Billing Procedures

You will receive a multi-page bill each month which will include charges for your local service, toll charges, taxes and surcharges, directory assistance charges and directory advertising (for those businesses that wish a monthly billing for directory advertising). The local service is billed one month in advance and your toll charges are billed in arrears.

Bill Payment Information

Bills are mailed the last working day of the month and are due on receipt and delinquent after the 17th of each month. If you have not received your bill by the 5th of the month we ask that you contact our office. The coupon from of your bill should be returned with payment.

Bills May Be Paid At:

Your bill can be paid at the Maxwell, McCordsville, and Knightstown business offices. A deposit box is available to receive payments when the office is closed. Payments can also be made 24/7/365 online at www.ninestarconnect.com. Band draft is also available.

Billing Errors

Please examine your statement carefully each month, errors can occur. Report any suspected error to the business office immediately. Bank Draft is a convenient way to save time and money! This automated payment program, a service for members of NineStar Connect, automatically pays your bill direct. When you use Bank Draft, your bank, automatically pays your bill direct from your account. No more checks! Bank Draft does it all for you, and your bill is paid on time. Your bank account will be debited on the 12th of each month. Call us for more information on. This same convenient payment method is available for those wishing to use a credit card. Saving time and money has never been so easy!