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NineStar Long Distance Help

24/7 Plan

If you are signing up for NineStar Long Distance and have an existing long distance provider, please contact that provider if you are directly billed by them. Indicate to the provider that you “no longer want to receive a bill”. Unfortunately, NineStar Long Distance does not have the authority to make this request when you are billed directly from the other provider.

If you receive long distance charges on your NineStar Connect or NineStar Communications phone bill, you do not need to contact the other provider when you switch to NineStar Long Distance. If you want to receive NineStar Long Distance, simply print the authorization form and fill it out.

Click Here to download our Authorization Form

Mail to:

NineStar Long Distance

P.O. Box 135 Maxwell, IN 46154

or contact a Customer Care Representative at 317-326-3131.

Click here to download NineStar Long Distance’s Terms and Conditions