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General FAQs

What are capital credits?

An electric cooperative exists for the purpose of providing its members with electric service – on a non-profit basis. Therefore, in a cooperative, the net margins do not belong to the corporation – they belong to the individual consumers who paid the money on their monthly service bills. In most types of co-ops, net margins, after reasonable reserves are set aside to pay back government loans, operating cost and other expenses, go back to the members in the form of a cash patronage refund. The funds credited to members are “capital credits,” and over a period of years these membership funds take the place of federal investment. The individuals member’s capital credits are his ownership equity in the system. Most electric co-ops have a provision in their bylaws for repayment of capital credits on a rotating basis.

When will my power be cut off for non-payment?

A member’s account would be subject for disconnect after a second bill becomes past due. CIP has 4 billing cycles monthly – each with their individual set due dates which are the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. A member’s billing cycle is determined by their location in the county.

What is Operation RoundUp?

Please visit our Operation Roundup section on the website for complete details.

What is a Customer Charge?

The customer charge is a fixed amount that is on every bill that covers those monthly costs incurred by the Cooperative associated with having service available to the membership. Most utilities charge this fee although it may be referred to by a different name. Even if there are no kilowatts used during the billing cycle you will still be billed the customer charge.

What is Touchstone Energy?

Touchstone Energy is a national alliance of local, member-owned electric cooperatives that do business with integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

How can I view my electric account information (due date, bill amount, etc.)?

First, you’ll need to register/create an online account. Click here to begin.

How do I read my bill?

Please visit our About your Bill page for information.

What is an electric cooperative?

An electric cooperative is a type of electric utility that is owned by the members it serves. Its profits, or margins, are put back into the cooperative to help run the business efficiently, or are returned to the member-owner. A co-op exists solely to provide high-quality service at the lowest possible price for it’s member-owners.