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Energy Services FAQs

If I leave a cell phone charger plugged in after unplugging my cell phone, will the charger still use electricity?

Yes. Transformer type plugs draw a small amount of electricty when they are left plugged in.

What would be an efficient temperature setting for my thermostat?

68 degrees during the heating season and 74 degrees during the cooling season.

Will a portable electric heater help reduce my electric bill?

Depending on the type of heating system you have in your home, most portable electric heaters will increase the electrical usage in your home.

Which portable electric heaters use the least amount of energy?

Most portable electric heaters consume 1,500 watts of electricity regardless of the type or brand.

What is the easiest way to reduce my electrical usage?

Eliminate unnecessary appliances and electronics.

What temperature should my water heater thermostate be set at?

120 degrees or less.

Will a programmable thermostat automatically reduce my energy usage?

No. Attempting to make multiple adjustments on the thermostat throughout the day can actually cause an increase in energy usage.

Does NineStar Connect charge a fee for energy savings advice?

No, the Energy Advisor is available to perform energy audits and offer energy savings suggestions to all NineStar Connect members for FREE!

What are the best energy efficiency improvements to make to my home?

Improving your home’s insulation and air sealing can provide the best return on investment.

What electrical appliances use the most energy in the average home?

Heating systems, water heaters and clothes dryers.

Do Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL’s) use less electricity than incandescent bulbs?

Yes, CFL’s can significantly reduce electrical usage for lighting.

Where can I get more energy savings advice?

Contact NineStar Connect’s Energy Advisor.