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Our Energy, Our Future, Our Indiana

“Our Energy, Our Future: A Dialogue with America” is a national grassroots campaign whose purpose is to encourage an open discussion between electric cooperative consumers and their elected officials about the challenge of keeping electricity affordable and reliable while addressing the issue of climate change.

Since February, 2009, more than 427,000 messages (over 31,000 from Indiana) have been sent to elected officials asking them to work with electric cooperatives to keep energy affordable.

In 2009, members of Congress approved legislation that would create a “cap and trade” system in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.  “Cap” means the EPA would have the authority to regulate CO2 emissions produced by industries that provide useful commodities we need, like electricity.  “Trade” means an emission credit, determined by the federal government, can be auctioned to the highest bidder to buy the rights produce CO2 emissions.  Together, the “cap and trade” system will create a very-large backdoor “tax” on consumers to pay for other federal government programs.

Hoosiers would be hit especially hard since 90% of our electricity is generated from coal and natural gas.  It is estimated that the current “cap and trade” proposals would raise Indiana electric bills by more than 30%…that’s up to $50 per month.

This legislation is currently in the U.S. Senate for consideration.  For more information on how you can become a part of this important dialogue, click here.