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Network Security & Monitoring

NineStar Connect along with Rook Security are now providing advanced Network Security and Monitoring services to help protect your network from cyber-attacks.  Rook Security will provide the expertise and tools to detect, mitigate, and protect your company’s IT infrastructure. Then, work with the familiar and knowledgeable NineStar Outsourced IT to resolve any vulnerabilities that are found.

These in-depth services have multiple benefits and can be customized to fit your company’s needs:

External/Internal Network Vulnerability Scanning

  • A vulnerability assessment scans your network using various tools and checks for possible vulnerabilities on your hosts and their services.
  • Will help you detect and assess security flaws on your network, including rogue hosts or services on your network that you may not even know you have.

External/Internal Network Penetration Testing

  • A penetration test attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities found in the scanning phase to compromise a host and extract passwords, files, etc. From here, the scanner can go deeper into the network and possibly scan for additional, more critical targets.
  • Penetration testing also includes on-site and social engineering efforts to gain access to physically secure locations and systems.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

  • If your business does suffer from a cyber incident, we can provide such services as proper detection and remediation, analysis of how the incident occurred, and the root-cause.
  • The sooner these actions are executed, the less likely a future attack will occur and greatly reduces recovery time and costs.

Managed Detection & Response

  • Real-time network monitoring services can prevent a small attack from turning in a large breach.
  • 24/7/365 support alerts you of anything ranging from a network traffic anomaly to a malicious software inside of your network.

Employee Security Awareness Training

  • The most vulnerable aspect of any network is the end-user.  It could be an email attachment or a phishing link on a webpage, but to a typical end-user they appear legitimate. However, they contain malicious software that allows an attacker direct access into your network.
  • Proper training is crucial in helping the end-user better understand the tactics used and what to look for.