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Electrical Safety Education

Electrical Safety Education for Kids

Electrical safety education is vital to protecting the citizens of our community against the potential dangers of electricity transmission and distribution.  NineStar Connects electrical safety program for 4th grade elementary students is a valuable tool in promoting electrical safety to students.  The program is available to all 4th grade students within NineStar Connect’s electrical territory.

The Electrical Safety Program is approximately 1 hour in length.  The presentation is designed to appeal to students and focus their attention on the importance of electrical safety.  The presentation is delivered to groups of one or two classrooms rather than an auditorium full of students.  These small groups allow for better interaction between the students and the presenters to discuss questions the students may have about electrical safety.  The students also have better visual access to the safety demonstrations.

Electrical safety and energy saving habits are the topics of the program.  Presenters of the program utilize an electrical simulation board.  The simulator is complete with a meter base, breaker panel, lights, outlets, switches and high voltage power lines.  The presentation explains to students how electricity is delivered to their homes and schools and the importance of being aware of electrical equipment in their surroundings. The safe use of electrical equipment is discussed and demonstrated to students.  Simulating the danger of a person coming into contact with electricity by “frying” a hot dog on simulated high voltage power lines is a highlight of the program for students as well as an effective educational tool.

Teachers or administrators should contact the Energy Advisor at NineStar Connect, Matt Strahl, to schedule the Electrical Safety Program for their students.  Matt can be reached by phone at 317-323-2042 or email at