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NineStar contractors will begin mass meter exchanges throughout the electric service territory in June. The meter exchange project will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.   This change out is occurring because the meters deployed beginning in 2011 do not allow for software upgrades that are necessary with today’s technology.  NineStar has been deploying the current meter technology since 2014 as new service points were built or as existing service points were changed. Approximately 10,000 meters remain to be upgraded as part of the initiative.   About half of the remaining meters will be upgraded this year. The remaining meters will be upgraded in 2020. Powermetrix will be the contractor performing the work; however, their vehicles will include NineStar signage and each contractor will have an identification badge provided by NineStar.  These contractors will perform courtesy knocks on doors to let homeowners know they are there and in most cases the power will not be interrupted and the homeowner may not even know they were there at all.

Below is the schedule of when contractors will be visiting the service areas.    This is listed by billing cycle.     To find what billing cycle you are in, please see your electric bill.    Even though you may be in a particular cycle where contractors will be working that week, it may not be your home they will be visiting.    Therefore, please follow NineStar on social media for updates on the Meter Exchange Initiative and to learn what exact locations contractors will be each week.     Additionally, if we have your email address on file, we will email you the week before to let you know when we will be exchanging your meter.    If you have any questions, please contact us at 317-326-3131.


June 3 – June 7 – Billing Cycle 4
June 10-June 14 – Billing Cycle 1
June 17-June 21 – Billing Cycle 2
June 24-June 28 – Billing Cycle 3


July 1 – July 5 – Billing Cycle 4
July 8 – July 12 – Billing Cycle 4
July 15- July 19 – Billing Cycle 1
July 22 – July 26 – Billing Cycle 2
July 29 – August 2 – Billing Cycle 3


August 5 – August 9 – Billing Cycle 4
August 12 – August 16 – Billing Cycle 1
August 19 – August 23 – Billing Cycle 2
August 26 – August 30 – Billing Cycle 3


September 3 – September 6 – Billing Cycle 4
September 9 – September 13 – Billing Cycle 1
September 16 – September 20 – Billing Cycle 2
September 23 – September 27 – Billing Cycle 3