My TV Says No Signal or No Input

This indicates that your TV is probably on the wrong input. The quickest way to determine which input the TV should be on is to identify what kind of cable connects the TV to the STB. Refer to the end of this document for details on how to identify what kind of cable it is.

Once you have determined whether it’s using Coaxial, Composite, Component or HDMI, you will need to make sure the TV is set to use that input. The easiest way to do that is to use the remote control that came with the TV itself. There may be a button on it called Input or Source, or it may have a row of buttons for each input type. Press the one you have on your remote and toggle through your inputs until you get the right one.

If you no longer have the remote that came with the TV, you can try using the ADB remote we gave you. Press the TV button in the upper left corner. Then press the Input button in the lower left corner. Your TV may display a list of inputs that you can select using the arrow buttons, or it may display a list that you have to toggle through using the Input button. It also may just switch to a different input each time you press the input button, or it may not respond at all. All TV manufacturers have programmed their products differently than their competitors. When in doubt, refer to the instruction manual that came with your TV.

If the TV is on the correct input, you have it set to the correct resolution as described in the previous section, and you still have no picture, power cycle the STB by unplugging its power cable for 10 seconds. Let it boot up and see if it displays a picture.

If it still doesn’t, give us a call.

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