Time-of-Use Quiz

Answer the following questions and add the point values to learn if you are a good candidate for Time-of-Use rates.

1. On average, how many kilowatt-hours (kwh) do you use each day?

a. Less than 10kwh (0 points)
b. 10 – 25 kwh (30 points)
c. More than 25 kwh (60 points)

2. What type of air conditioning do you have?

a. Central (15 points)
b. Window or wall unit (10 points)
c. None (0 points)

3. How many hours a week, on weekdays, is someone usually home between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.?

a. 1 hour or less (15 points)
b. 2 -3 hours (7 points)
c. 4 -5 hours (3 points)
d. 6 or more hours (0 points)

4. Do you have an electric clothes dryer?

a. Yes (10 points)
b. No (0 points)

5. Do you have an electric water heater?

a. Yes (10 points)
b. No (0 points)

6. What kind of electric heat do you use at home?

a. Total electric (10 points)
b. Electric space heaters (5 points)
c. None (0 points)

7. If you have an electric heater, can you keep the thermostat turned to a low setting on weekdays, between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.?

a. Yes (10 points)
b. No (0 points)

8. Do you have a swimming pool and/or hot tub?

a. Yes (20 points)
b. No (0 points)

9. Do you have a dehumidifier?

a. Yes (10 points)
b. No (0 points)

Add up the points and check your total score against the following:

40 points or more: You probably will benefit from the Time-of-Use rates, if you can run the appliances that use a lot of electricity during the off-peak hours.
30 – 39 Points:
You might benefit from Time-of-Use rates, but your benefit won’t be as great as in the category above. The lower your score, the less likely it is you will benefit.
Under 30 Points:
You probably won’t benefit from Time-of Use rates because it is unlikely you can shift enough electricity usage to off-peak hours.

To learn more about our Time-of-Use program check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


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