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To all of our members and customers; we hope you stay safe during this public health emergency.   As of Monday, May 4th,  NineStar business offices will re-open with the exception of our North Campus (Maxwell) location which will remain closed at this time.

We know the COVID-19 pandemic could mean a time of financial hardship for some members. Our ability to continue to serve you is closely tied to you paying your bill. Please understand each member is still responsible for paying the balance on their account, and continuing to pay what you can will help you avoid a larger balance in the future. If you are having difficulty, please contact Customer Service to work on a payment arrangement.

If you need any assistance, please contact us utilizing the following methods.


Technical Support (24/7)

  • 317-326-HELP
  • Live chat from our home page.


Customer Service (M-F, 7:30am-5pm)

  • 317-326-3131


Bills can be paid online via SmartHub, by mail, phone or drop box.