Why we need USB-C now.

Payden Boughton

Think fast: How many chargers do you currently have? I know I have chargers for my phone, my gaming headset, my laptop controllers and just about every single device I have that is rechargeable. From USB-Micro to USB- A, as technology advances it seems that a new connector is constantly coming out. There’s also the frustration everyone has felt as they attempt to charge their phone in the middle of the night and having to flip the cord back and forth 3 times just to get it plugged in. Yes, these are small inconveniences in the overall scheme of things, but over time we amass a phenomenal number of chargers that end up sitting in a drawer before being tossed in the trash and ending up in a landfill somewhere.  

That’s why we need USB-C NOW! USB – C is a versatile connector that not only gets rid of your multiple attempts to plug devices in but also has amazing potential to standardize all other device charging including battery packs, game controllers, headsets, laptops and much more.  Having this USB-C standard would streamline how many chargers you need. While different devices do have different power needs, multiple Power Delivery (PD) support is a spec of USB-C. This can be as low as 5v all the way up to 20V and can be accomplished by allowing communication between the charging block and the devices that is plugged in. This communication will determine what the charging needs are for a single device allowing the charging brick to interact with a specific device in a safe manner.  

Imagine how amazing it would be to travel and only carry one or two cables along with a single multi-port brick. Instead of having to wrap 6 or 7 cords up into your bag (one for the laptop, one for the phone, one you have for your backup battery in case you cannot charge your phone.) you could reduce this to a more manageable load.  Sadly, manufactures have not done this even though it would cost mere pennies to consolidate. Why? Because it’s cheaper to add USC Micro than it is USB-C. USB-C costs about 10 cents to add to a device whereas USB-Micro costs about 3 cents. It’s time for consumers to push towards a better future that not only helps us get rid of the hassle of so many chargers, but also reduce the e-waste that all those charges that are sitting around will eventually make. 

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