Rent your own computer nerd

We know. Nothing’s right when your computer isn’t working. That’s the reason our members rely on our talented team of  experts, fondly referred to as “NineStar Nerds.” When you find yourself in a technical jam, check out our menu of services below and either contact one of our friendly Nerds directly, fill out this form, or call 317-326-3131

And if you think you’ll need extra NineStar Nerd time, you might want to consider our protection plan which includes:

  • A 15% discount on all Nerd services when you enroll in the plan.
  • A 20% discount for members who also have NineStar internet service
  • A 25% discount for members who also have NineStar internet, video, and phone service.
Set Up or Move Your PC

If you purchased a new PC that needs to be configured or simply want to move your computer to a new location, we can help. This service includes two hours of tech time for the setup of a PC, monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse. The technician will also install any required operating system updates, remove unwanted manufacturer software, and install one third-party program.

Remove Viruses and Malware

If your PC is running slower than normal or exhibiting unexpected behavior, you might have accidentally installed a virus or malware. Don’t worry! Our techs can remove the problem and repair your PC. This service includes two hours of tech time.

Install Your Computer’s Operating System

If you notice a decrease in the speed of your PC, it may be time to refresh your operating system. Or maybe you’d like to upgrade your existing operating system. Either way, we can help! This service includes three hours of tech time to complete the installation of the operating system and install one third-party program.

Set Up A Wired or Wireless Network

When you need to set up a wired or wireless network but aren’t sure how, let NineStar help. We’ll install the necessary equipment (that you provide) and configure up to three devices. This service, which doesn’t include any required hardware or software, includes two hours of tech time.

Upgrade Your Hardware or Software

We provide hardware and software upgrades for many different PC components and devices, including increasing your PC’s memory, upgrading the video card in your PC, and upgrading the operating system on your devices. (No software or hardware is included.)

Migrate Files to a New Computer Network

Transferring files from old computers and networks to new ones can be a delicate process. NineStar’s tech can safely migrate important documents and software to your new equipment. This service includes two hours of tech time.

Find and Fix Your Computer’s Problem

Sometimes, you’re not sure what your computer problem is. When that happens, our techs can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair problems that arise from everyday computer use. This service includes three hours of tech time.

Back up Your Data

To protect against data loss from hardware or software malfunctions, you should backup your vital information. We can back-up your data to an external hard drive, a third-party cloud-based service, or the NineStar Connects Cloud Backup Service. And if you use the NineStar’s backup service, you’ll get a discount!

Set Up Your Mobile Device

We can even set up your smartphone or tablet for you! This service includes updating the device to the latest operating system, setting up your NineStar email account, adding one third party email account, and verifying connectivity to the internet. For in-home setups, our expert will also connect the device to your personal wireless network. This service includes one hour of tech time.