The complete bylaws of NineStar™ Connect, which includes the merged Hancock Telecom and Central Indiana Power, can be found in this attachment:  BYLAWS

Terms and Conditions

NineStar Connect adopts and concurs in I.U.R.C. Tariff No. T-7 for its terms of service, rates and charges for the following:

A.  Indiana Universal Service Surcharge
B.  Low Income Programs consisting of Lifeline Assistance
C.  Dual Party Relay Services Surcharge


Actual throughput speeds may vary. Broadband availability is based on distance, equipment, and other factors. Please call our office to check availability in your area.

Local Rates
Does not include subscriber line charges or taxes.

Residential Long Distance
Must be a residential NineStar telephone subscriber to receive a Communication Connections or 2000 minute plan. Different long distance rates apply for International calls. Unless otherwise indicated, Subscriber Line Charges and taxes are not included. After allotted minutes are used in Communication Connections, long distance calls will be rated at 8 cents per minute.

After allotted minutes are used in 2000 Minute plan, long distance calls will be rated at 5 cents per minute. The company reserves the right to audit long distance usage under the 2000 minute plan. Availability, rates and conditions are subject to change.

Residential Electric Service Rate Schedule
NineStar Connect-Electric Division (NineStar) shall charge and collect for general residential and farm electric service on the following bases of availability, application, character of service, monthly rate, minimum charge, purchased power cost adjustment clause, and tax adjustment.