Video Update for 2022

Regina Bever

Dear NineStar TV Subscriber:

As a NineStar Connect television customer, you will notice an increase to your monthly bill, beginning on January 1, 2022. It is important to remember these increases are not coming from NineStar’s desire to make more money. As a non-profit utility, our (margins) are allocated back to our members based on their usage of any given service. The increase in video pricing ARE coming about from increases in charges our content providers charge us for their signals.

Consequently, after several months of careful study and evaluation, NineStar has reached the decision to end our NineStar TV offering effective September 30, 2022.

We are proud of the entertainment value NineStar TV has brought to our customers over the years. However, it is no longer in the financial best interest of NineStar to continue to offer this service. The cable TV industry is a very expensive playing field. Not only have national and local channel programming fees risen to untenable amounts, but the cost of equipment upgrades, and maintenance are expensive and constant.

In addition to the diminishing economics of remaining in the traditional cable TV space, TV viewing habits have greatly changed over the last few years. Streaming movies, shows, sports, etc., has forever changed the landscape of how people are now watching TV. YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Netflix, HBOmax, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Disney + are very popular streaming services, and are the reason why millions of Americans have cut the cable cord and are determining what they want to watch. This migration to streaming has led to a huge supply chain issue with Set-Top-Boxes and DVR’s, which are no longer necessary in a streaming world. It is becoming more-and-more difficult to find suppliers of this vital equipment.

Because September 30, is over nine months away, NineStar plans on utilizing that ample time to provide you with plenty of information about other TV viewing options. Through a series of informative Nerd Nights over the coming months, we will be providing helpful information on streaming services that take advantage of our ever-expanding fiber broadband network. We want to make sure before NineStar TV is shut down, you will have adequate information to determine what other option(s) would work best for you and your family.

Rest assured, NineStar is not going anywhere. We are, and always will be, your local communications provider. We will still offer the same quality Voice and Internet services.

Please be sure to watch for future communication from NineStar on this subject. Hopefully they will answer any-and-all questions you may have on the discontinuance of NineStar TV, and your options going forward.

We thank you for being a loyal customer of NineStar.


Regina Bever

Vice President of Administration

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