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Lifeline Program

Affordable Communications When You Need Them In order to increase the availability of telecommunication and broadband services to all consumers in its ILEC serving area, NineStar Connect and NineStar Communications offers a low-income assistance program: Lifeline Assistance. Any subscriber who meets the low-income eligibility criteria and lives within the NineStar Connect and NineStar Communications service […]

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Bylaws The complete bylaws of NineStar™ Connect, which includes the merged Hancock Telecom and Central Indiana Power, can be found in this attachment:  BYLAWS Terms and Conditions Intrastate Access Service Tariff I.U.R.C. No. 2 – Effective October 1, 2020 NineStar Connect adopts and concurs in I.U.R.C. Tariff No. T-7 for its terms of service, rates and […]

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