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Video Options That Fit Your Business Needsvideo_feature

NineStar Connect offers video services that you might need for your business. Available packages include the following:

  • Business Video Package: If you are looking to provide news and entertainment options for your employee break room, receptionist area, or special offices, NineStar can put together a suite that’s affordable while still delivering a wide range of viewing options and value.


  • Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Bundle: Owners and operators of MDUs, such as hotels, nursing homes, and apartment complexes, are always looking for deals to offer their tenants. NineStar Connect provides video service packages, delivered via internet protocol, that you can make available to residents at a reasonable price.


  • Commercial Entertainment: Businesses like restaurants, car dealership reception areas, doctors’ offices, and salons can benefit from the ambiance that television provides. NineStar Connect offers several packages to help you keep customers and children entertained.