Conference Center Rental Application

Conference Center Rules and Regulations

  1. NineStar Connect will make available the use of the Conference Center to any individual, non-profit organization, professional organization, NineStar Connect employee, or director. 
  2. The individual signing the application is personally responsible for the facility and any damage that may occur during use.
  3. The Conference Center is available Sunday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  4. The Conference Center is available on a first come, first served basis.  Rental Fees and Security Deposit must be paid to hold any reservation.
  5. Cancellations must be made by the person who made the facility reservation.  Provide at least ten (10) days’ notice of cancellation or 50% of any fees are forfeited.
  6. TheConference Center is a private facility.  NineStar Connect reserves the right to refuse use of the facility to any person, organization or business in its sole judgment when a proposed use is not fitting with community standards or the image of NineStar Connect.  The Conference Center may not be used to promote any illegal activity or acts of discrimination. 
  7. All youth under the age of 18 need to be supervised by an adult. 
  8. Alcohol/Smoking Policy – Alcoholic beverages are not allowed upon the NineStar Connect property and smoking is not permitted within the building.  This is a tobacco free room.
  9. The use of candles or any other type of flame is not allowed. Sterno cans for chafing dishes are allowed.
  10. Tacks, nails, glue, tape and other adhesive type products are not permitted
  11. Preparation of food is not allowed. 
  12. The Conference Center must be in the same condition that it was when you arrived. Trash needs to be placed in the proper bags and placed in the designated containers.
  13. The Conference Center capacity is 100.
  14. In case of fire, exit closest door to the parking lot.
  15. In case of tornadoes, exit to restrooms, coat room, and store room. Take cover.
  16. Security Deposits will be returned to the room’s user on NineStar Connect’s next scheduled payables date subsequent to the return of the Conference Center access “key,” assuming that the room and its contents are by left by the room’s user clean and undamaged.

Rental Application

Conference Room Rental Application

Submission of this application does not guarantee your reservation. Before submitting you must call or email to reserve the room at 317.323.2132 or

Applicant Information

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Event Information

Type of Event: *
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Additional room requirements

**If using the Audio/Visual system, please read through our handbook HERE to review all requirements.**

Do you require a NineStar representative to help you with the audio/visual system? (available Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm)

If yes,  please fill out the information below to schedule an appointment:



The undersigned hereby makes application to NineStar Connect for the use of the Conference Center and certifies that the information on the application is correct. The undersigned acknowledges the deposit and rental fee must be paid in full. The undersigned agrees to exercise the utmost care in the use of the premises/property. The applicant agrees to adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to the use of this facility and to reimburse NineStar Connect for any damages arising from the applicant’s use of the said facility. Alcohol is not allowed upon NineStar Connect property and smoking is not permitted in the building. This is a tobacco free room. Any accident involving injury to participants or damages to facilities will be reported to NineStar Connect immediately. I/we further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold NineStar Connect, its officials and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, or liabilities for injury or death of any person, or for loss or damages to property, which arise out of our/my rental of the said facilities. NineStar Connect is not responsible for lost or stolen property. I/we also understand that all NineStar Connect policies and procedures apply to this rental application. I/we acknowledge that I/we have received and reviewed the information in this form and the attachments. NineStar Connect reserves the right to amend, supplement, or restrict the Conference Center Rules and Regulations, and the undersigned agrees to acknowledge and abide by all updated Rules and Regulations.Please pick up your access key at least one day prior to your event.

**Rental balance is due the week prior to your event.

Please Mail Check To: NineStar Connect
2243 E. Main St., Greenfield, IN 46140