NineStar Connect’s Worry Free, Managed WiFi

Let NineStar Connect “Manage Your WiFi” so you can get the most out of your Internet Connection!


Starting May 1, 2017, NineStar will be rolling out a new wireless router that is compatible with an App called “Net Valet”.    This App will be able to determine where your Internet hotspots are so you can get the most from your Internet Connection.



  • NineStar can setup your wireless network
  • Illustrates where your “dead zones” and interference are for the best possible wireless experience
  • Forgot your password?   No problem!   We can help you reset it
  • All management handled from our 24/7/365 Support Center
  • Don’t have NineStar Internet or not in our territory?  No problem!   As long as you use our wireless router, we can help you manage your connection to get full access to what you are paying for each month
  • If the router breaks and/or not fully operating, we will replace the router for free
  • Monthly fee is only $12/month
  • All routers that NineStar provides after May 1, 2017 will be Net Valet compatible*




If you are interested in having “Worry Free, Managed WiFi”, please call one of our Residential Service Consultants today at 317-326-3131 or stop in at one of our four locations!   It’s WiFi YOUR way!


*If you are currently using/paying for a NineStar router, you can still use it until it is no longer operating  (at the $8/month price).   However, if it needs replaced, we will issue you the new wireless router that is Net Valet compatible for $12/month.    You also have the option to purchase your own router.