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Integrated Vegetation Management Tool Box

Integrated Vegetation Management Tool Box

Here at NineStar Connect, we are dedicated to providing consistent and safe electricity for our members by keeping the Rights-Of-Way (ROW) clear of vegetation. In keeping with this goal, we have incorporated multiple IVM tools within our ROW maintenance program.



We trim trees in accordance to the ANSI 300 standards, which is written by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC). The ASC’s mission “… is to develop consensus performance standards based on current research and sound practice for writing specifications to manage trees, shrubs, and other woody plants,” and has been accepted as the industry’s standards for tree care practices.   Although trimming with the health of the tree in mind, sometimes trees that are too close to the power lines may need to be aggressively trimmed. These trees are usually great removal candidates.

For more information on proper trimming techniques see:


For the safety of homeowners and the reliability of the electrical service, most trees under or close to the power lines should be removed to prevent any hazardous events such as power outages or blinking lights. Removing is usually the best option compared to trimming because it will eliminate future problems. Property owners will be notified on recommended removals.


Extremely large or fast-growing trees make good candidates for tree growth regulator (TGR) applications. This effective tool slows the growth of the tree, improves the health of the tree, and prevents its interference with electric lines for approximately three growing seasons.   For more information visit


Herbicide application is a preventative practice which keeps nuisance brush controlled under the power lines and around electrical equipment. Professionally certified applicators use low-volume selective herbicides along our ROWs.


ROW areas that are dense with brush and small trees are mechanically cleared with a heavy-duty mower, turning the vegetation into large shredded wood chips. A follow-up application of a selective herbicide will promote the growth of grass while controlling woody brush re-growth.