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Get the Speed You Need with the Reliability You Want


When you’re talking about internet, it’s all about speed and reliability. NineStar Connect delivers both. Depending on where you’re located, we have either broadband, fiber, or wireless broadband at varying speeds. All options include up to 5 email accounts, one 10-Mb personal webpage, and 24-hour support. Just choose the speed that best fits your needs. The speed you need depends on what you want to do. See the list below for examples of typical functionality.

25 Mb/s:
Works well for a single user performing basic functions such as email, web browsing, uploading photos, streaming music, and streaming high definition video requires less buffering
150 Mb/s:
Supports online gaming and frequent use of multiple devices by multiple users; most applications run with little interruption
300 Mb/s:
As speeds increase, tasks are performed more quickly and with fewer interruptions

Broadband Speed Comparison


100 photos

4 min. 40 sec.

3 sec.

93.3x faster

A game

4 min. 56 sec.

3 sec.

98.7x faster

100 songs

5 min. 28 sec.

3 sec.

109.3x faster

HD movie 30 min. 18 sec.

100x faster