Call Waiting & Call Forwarding

How to Use Call Waiting

  1. If you hear a beep and want to end the first call, hang up. Your telephone will
    immediately ring with the second call.
  2. To keep the first call connected and answer the second call, press and release the
    receiver button quickly.
  3. To return to the first call, press and release the receiver button again. You can
    switch back and forth between the two calls as often as you want.

CANCEL CALL WAITING is included with CALL WAITING. If you don’t want to be interrupted by Call Waiting during a call, you may cancel Call Waiting on a call-by-call basis by dialing *70 before making your call. Call Waiting will be automatically restored
when you hang up.

How to Use Call Forwarding

  1. From a touch-tone telephone on the NineStar number you want forwarded, dial *72.
  2. Dial the number (including the area code) that will be accepting your calls. You will
    hear two tones followed by the normal ringing. Call Forwarding is in effect when
    the party answers. At that time, you can tell them they will be receiving your calls.
  3. If the line is busy, or there is no answer, hang up and repeat the first two steps.
    You will hear two short tones. No answer is required to establish Call Forwarding
    on the second attempt.
  4. To cancel Call Forwarding, dial *73#. You will hear two tones indicating that the
    feature has been turned off.

NOTE: If you forward your calls outside of your local calling area, you will be charged the long distance rate for any forwarded calls from your number to the distant number. For example, if you forward your calls to a number in California, the person calling you is charged for a call only to your number, but you are charged the rate from your number to the number in California. While calls are being forwarded, you can still make outgoing calls.


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