How do I save money on Real Time Pricing?

Members are not required to change any of their habits on the real time pricing rate structure. However, further shifting your energy use to off-peak and super off-peak hours, when the cost of energy is lower, can help reduce your energy bill even more.
Use less energy during peak periods by:

  • Turning off all non-essential lighting and other electrical devices.
  • Pre-heating and cooling your home prior to peak hours.
  • Maintaining a conservative thermostat setting for heating and cooling.
  • Using timers to run appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines,
    electric dryers, electric water heaters, pool pumps, and ovens during
    off-peak & super off-peak hours.
  • Charging electronics, Electric Vehicles (EV’s), tools or other devices during
    the off-peak & super off-peak hours.

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