NineStar Email Storage

Each of our customers that utilize our email service receives 250Mb of storage. Any storage above that can be purchased. Please see the packages below.

Additional 250Mb – $3.99
Additional 500Mb – $6.99
Additional 1GB – $11.99
Additional 2GB – $29.99
Additional 10GB – $49.95

Email Storage Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I have never had issues with quota before/I have always been able to use this much space in the past.
    • The allowed disk space for our email accounts has always been 250MB, we just have not always enforced that limit.  However due to limited disk space on our server, we are having to enforce limits.
  • Can I save my emails locally?
    • Specific emails can be saved individually from Webmail.
    • Their client can be setup to POP the emails down to their computer, however if they want to use multiple devices, the POP client should be setup to leave a copy of the email on the server, if they want their other devices to be able to get their emails.  If this option is selected, they will still need to periodically delete emails from the webmail.


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