Real Time Pricing FAQ’s

Q. What is Real Time Pricing?
A. Real Time Pricing is the time-based rate for Residential and General Service electric accounts. The time-based rate defines on-peak, off-peak and the new super on-peak hours. The charge for electricity is higher during on-peak hours than it is during off-peak or super off-peak hours. NineStar on-peak hours will now be 5pm-8pm Monday – Friday.

Q. Why charge a time-based rate?
A. NineStar is a distribution utility. NineStar purchases power from a generation and transmission provider. The charge for energy during the on-peak hours is higher than it is during
the off-peak or super off-peak hours. A time-based rate passes those higher costs on to those members that use energy during the on-peak hours.

Q. Is my electric bill going to increase?
A. Households that choose not to decrease energy usage during the on-peak hours will see an increase in their monthly bill. Households that can decrease energy usage during the on-peak hours and move energy usage to the off-peak or the super-off-peak hours can minimize the impact on their electric bill.

Q. What holidays are excluded from on-peak hours for Real Time Pricing?
A. New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Q. Do I have another option?
A. Yes. Members can choose the Peak Time Savings rate. This was formerly known as Time of Use. The Peak Time Savings rate allows members the opportunity for greater savings on their electric bill if they minimize electric usage during the on-peak hours.

Q. Can I stay on Budget billing?
A. Yes

Q. Can I monitor my usage?
A. Yes. Members can log in to SmartHub and see graphs of their usage broken down by the hour and grouped by on-peak, off-peak and super off-peak usage.

Q. Can I still use my appliances during the on-peak hours?
A. Members do not have to change their household electricity. Members can still use appliances, lighting, electronics, etc. at any time. The cost of using those electric devices will just be more from 5pm-8pm Monday-Friday

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