Electric Cooperatives Serve Your Community

Indiana’s electric cooperatives are committed to the communities they serve and are involved with philanthropic activities throughout Indiana and beyond. Your cooperative serves your community and spearheads philanthropic projects to help create a better world.

For instance, during Community Day, Indiana’s electric cooperatives work collectively to make a positive impact on our state. Each year on a Friday in October, each of Indiana’s electric cooperatives determines a need within its service area. Then, employees work as a team to complete the project. The day provides an opportunity to focus on the good work electric cooperatives do in their communities and it also gives your cooperative a chance to provide extra value to the community it serves.

Working side-by-side, Indiana’s electric cooperatives demonstrate one of the core cooperative principles: concern for community. More than 40 unique service projects are completed in a single day every year.

Cooperatives care about their communities. That’s why they take time out of their week to serve them. Stay up to date on cooperative initiatives by being a grassroots advocate. Encourage your friends and family to sign up, too. Visit today!

Do you know of a service project that you would like your NineStar to get involved in? Contact us today!

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