Tablo: An option for cutting the cord.

Mike Torrez

Over the last couple of years, “cutting the cord” has become an attractive option for folks who want to keep up with their favorite TV shows while saving significant money. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the option I have selected is the Tablo box.  

Tablo is a Canadian company that offers a box which will take in over-the-air (OTA) channels and display them in your home remotely via an app or by connecting to a hard drive, which will allow you to record your shows. It is available in two models, a $149 two tuner system that allows viewers to watch, record or stream two channels at the same time; and a $199 four tuner system that allows for four streams at a time. Although there is no additional cost after purchasing the Tablo, the company does offer a monthly or yearly service as well as a one-time lifetime fee to unlock a subscription for the guide. This guide displays a picture of the TV show, an episode synopsis and lists upcoming shows that are set to be recorded.  

Once your box is installed, the Tablo app allows users to watch their channels from any Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, tablet or mobile device. With a couple of network settings in the home router, family members can watch their shows remotely from a mobile phone or tablet – even if they are away from home.  

When you are ready to cut the cord while still getting the option of watching all of the OTA channels you love, I recommend Tablo for their easy setup, user-friendly interface and great customer service! 

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