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Top 3 Social Network Apps My Teenager Uses and Why

Today’s teenagers are advanced in terms of the way they use social media platforms. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram are a good way for teens to find entertainment such as dance videos, DIYs, tutorials or an avenue to express their creative side.   Of course, in order for these apps to keep up with […]

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Kid player computer game
PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming: An Age-Old Debate

Gamers have argued for years as to whether PC or Console gaming is the superior platform. While there are diehard fans on both sides of the debate, I believe each has its own place within the gaming community – but each on opposite ends of the spectrum. While there are pros and cons to both […]

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Tablo: An option for cutting the cord.

Over the last couple of years, “cutting the cord” has become an attractive option for folks who want to keep up with their favorite TV shows while saving significant money. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the option I have selected is the Tablo box.   Tablo is a Canadian company that […]

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Four Facts About Broadband in Rural America

High-speed internet has become a major focus across rural Indiana. From electric cooperatives and allied rural organizations to the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor and legislators who serve rural areas, finding the financial wherewithal to fund expensive fiber-optic networks into sparsely-populated areas is no longer a quixotic quest. It’s happening. “Hoosiers need affordable, quality […]

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IPv6 and Why to Love Globally Unique Addressing

The internet as we know it today is nothing as it was imagined 30 years ago. When the idea of a household computer seemed so unlikely, the address space of IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) seemed like it would be more than enough. IPv4 is a unique global “address” of 12 numbers (or 32 bits) […]

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Scissors cutting cable cord
Top Tips for Cutting the Cable Cord

NineStar Connect is currently offering Internet options, for both existing and new customers, to start streaming content. NineStar’s customers can drop their video services and can increase their Internet speeds! What is a Streaming Service?  A streaming service is an online entertainment platform that provides content like movies and tv shows via an Internet connection. […]

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