Top 3 Social Network Apps My Teenager Uses and Why

Christa Nolen

Today’s teenagers are advanced in terms of the way they use social media platforms. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram are a good way for teens to find entertainment such as dance videos, DIYs, tutorials or an avenue to express their creative side.  

Of course, in order for these apps to keep up with the demand of modern-day technology, they have to evolve quickly and find ways to provide user friendly features so that they can be used by the mainstream.  

With that being said, I interviewed my teenage daughter and asked which apps she and her friends use the most and why. She ranked them by the ones that she enjoyed the most and offered up examples of her favorite features of each of the platforms.  

#1 Tik Tok 

  ● Can inspire a whole new look whether that is new make-up tips, how to decorate your room, etc. 

  β— Offers tutorials on many things including hair styles, drawing techniques, music, and how to write good essays. 

  β— Allows you to express your creativity by creating your own videos or watching the efforts of others.   β— Provides a feature that allows you to message your friends only. 

#2 Snapchat 

  β— Gives you many options to communicate with friends/family including video and audio calling,  

      messaging or sharing images/videos.  

  β— Enables you to create your own group chats and private stories. 

  β— Offers the ability to share your photos/videos on a public story for all your friends to see for up to 24 hours. 

  ● Makes it optional to delete your posts at any time. 

  ● Sends you a notification when someone screenshots or replays your snap. 

  ● Features an option to allow the user to incorporate funny, cool and sometimes scary filters. 

  ● A more recent feature allows you to watch subscriptions/shows. 

#3 Instagram 

  β— Provides easy ability to post pictures or videos for your friends to see. 

  ● Like Tik Tok, you can set your account to private or public. 

  ● Offers Livestreaming, messaging, audio and video calls with family and friends  

  ● Provides news updates  

  ● Allows you to follow inspirational mentors 

As a parent, I certainly understand the worries that come along with kids using a variety of social media platforms. However, if you talk to your teen and set some ground rules to keep them safe while responsibly using these apps, you may discover that they can provide a number of benefits to your children. And you may learn a few things as well!  

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