Why Everyone Should have a Gmail Account

Alexander Peters

Once upon a time, folks looking to communicate with others across the World Wide Web would contact their Internet Service Provider (ISP) who could provide them with an email address. It wasn’t a difficult process at all and 10-15 years ago, it was the most common way to go about it. Today however, a lot of people are making the move to Gmail.

There are several benefits to a Gmail. First: Your e-mail address will remain active even if you switch providers. Typically, if you receive your e-mail from your ISP, the account is only active for the time you are with that provider. After that, it will be deactivated which means the potential loss of important contacts and other information. Another huge benefit to having a Gmail account is the amount of storage that they offer. Most ISPs have a limited amount of storage that they provide customers (charging an additional fee for more storage), but Gmail allows users to store up to 15 GB of e-mails at no cost. Yet another benefit of using Gmail is that users can sign into their google account and use it to access several different accounts at once (i.e. YouTube, YouTube Music, Facebook, etc.) Google is a very secure site and has a lot of ways to verify security on your account. Users can link their phone to their Google account and be sent verification codes whenever they try to access the account from a new device.

Overall, Gmail has a lot of benefits, and would be worth trying if you value security and want a quality free email address.

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