Spring Lake Water Testing

On November 6-7, 2023 Peerless Midwest, a contractor for NineStar Connect conducted a 24 hour pump test on high capacity wells located west of Spring Lake.  Contrary to rumor and social media postings this test was done with the full knowledge and approval of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Indiana Department Natural Resources (DNR).  State regulations require this stress test to determine the permitted volume of high-capacity wells.  After the 24-hour pump test was completed, NineStar Connect became aware through social media postings that some nearby homeowners were reporting that their private wells were not producing water.  NineStar immediately contacted Peerless Midwest and DNR who began investigating. 

While the investigation continues, preliminary information coming to our attention indicates that homeowners with well pumps set at depths less than 20 feet were impacted.  Current state regulations require residential well pumps to be at a minimum depth of at least 20 feet below the static water line.  We do not believe any homeowner whose well pump is in compliance with this regulation was affected.  Peerless has indicated to NineStar that the underground aquifer has mostly recovered and anticipates full recovery by 6p.m. tonight. 

Well data is critical to the permitting process.  NineStar urges any homeowner who believes they were impacted by this 24-hour pump test to contact DNR at 317-232-4160 as soon as possible.

As a community based cooperative utility, NineStar Connect doesn’t want any of its utility operations adversely impacting any of our friends and neighbors.  As such, NineStar would also ask if you have been adversely affected by this pump test to give us a call at 317-326-3131, and ask to speak with our Manager of Water Operations Alan Martin.

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