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November 6th & 7th 

8am -5pm

NineStar Connect – 2243 E Main Street, Greenfield, IN 46140

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Powershell for Infosec

PowerShell is an excellent cross-platform shell for executing commands and scripts on both local and remote machines. It is installed on Windows by default and is widely used by both network defenders and attackers. This course will cover key PowerShell concepts that both blue and red teamers should understand including logging, credential management, remote administration, security bypass techniques and popular PowerShell attack tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • General understanding of PowerShell
  • In-Depth knowledge of PowerShell execution logging options
  • Understanding of PowerShell security features from both an offensive and defensive perspective

Trainer & Author

Carrie Roberts¬†is a programmer, turned pentester, turned red teamer, turned blueish purple. She is currently a Defense Engineer at Walmart. She loves to learn and give back to the community. She is one of the primary Atomic Red Team project maintainers and developers and has developed many of her own open-source tools. She holds master‚Äôs Degrees in both Computer Science and Information Security Engineering. She has earned 12 GIAC certifications including the prestigious ‚ÄúSecurity Expert‚ÄĚ (GSE) certification. She has spoken at numerous security conferences including DerbyCon and Wild West Hackin‚Äô Fest, published many blog posts on topics ranging from social engineering to bypassing anti-virus, and contributed new research on the VBA Stomping maldoc technique.