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Electric Rates

This message is to notify all electric members of the increase in electric rates you will see beginning with your November statement. This increase is the third annual increase in the 3-year rate plan that was implemented in 2020.The new Real Time Pricing rate for residential members will be Off-peak $0.10885 and On-peak $0.15885 (4pm-8pm […]

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NineStar Webmail

NineStar Email Subscribers: As one of our valued subscribers, please be aware that NineStar will be updating the webmail system in the coming weeks. This new system features an easy-to-use interface, improved security, and the ability to securely share email folders with your contacts.  We are working to ensure a smooth transition as we move from […]

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Blinking Lights Update

NineStar has been troubleshooting an issue that has been ongoing for the better part of a month. Members being fed out of the Heritage Substation are experiencing blinking lights. Blinking lights are difficult to pinpoint due to the nature and frequency of the blinks. However, NineStar crews are doing everything possible to locate the problem. […]

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What is the Cloud?

These days, it’s hard to hear about anything tech-related that does not mention “the cloud” in one form or another. From cloud storage to cloud computing, it seems like everything on the Internet is powered by the cloud. So, what is the cloud and how does it work? Although it sounds like it is out […]

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Why VR Isn’t Ready to Take Off – Yet

Over the past few years, virtual reality (VR) has been called a lot of things. Among them, that it is the next big thing in gaming, but to be honest – it’s not quite there yet. Not only is VR still in its toddler stage – it’s learning to walk, but it’s still falling and […]

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Restart vs. Reset

When contacting tech support, you know that the person on the other end is going to ask you to do some troubleshooting to resolve the problem. There will be a lot of questions about how your devices connect, how many devices you have and so on. There is a lot of information that needs to […]

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