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E-Readers vs. Paper Books

The debate between e-readers and traditional books has been going on ever since e-readers became common in the marketplace several years ago, but there several things to consider when determining which is best suited to your needs. Let’s explore a few of those factors below.   Cost:  An e-reader has a higher up-front cost than a traditional book, however that […]

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Scissors cutting cable cord
Top Tips for Cutting the Cable Cord

NineStar Connect is currently offering Internet options, for both existing and new customers, to start streaming content. NineStar’s customers can drop their video services and can increase their Internet speeds! What is a Streaming Service?  A streaming service is an online entertainment platform that provides content like movies and tv shows via an Internet connection. […]

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Discord vs. Skype logos
Discord vs. Skype

There are many ways to chat with people online. Skype, which comes pre-installed on Windows 10 is one of the most well-known ways to text, call and communicate visually with others. However, the Skype platform has a lot of issues and I think everyone who uses Skype should consider making the switch to Discord.        Discord is a communication app […]

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Android vs. iPhone: Why I choose Android Every Time!

Ever since the smartphone craze hit, society has faced the endless question of which is better: Android devices or iPhones? Everyone has a preference, but in order to determine which is truly superior, we must first define the aspects by which we judge them.   Ease of Use     When the iPhone came out over 10 years ago, the main competition […]

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Together in spirit. NineStar prepares for its annual meeting.

At this time last year, the team at NineStar Connect was making plans for the cooperative’s annual meeting. The venue was booked. The menu was selected and the program arranged.                Then COVID-19 upended everything.                “Necessity proved to be the mother of invention and we quickly shifted gears to host a virtual event,” said […]

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10G home networking: Is it really needed in today’s world?

In today’s high-speed Internet world, is 10G home networking really necessary? Most people wouldn’t think so, but if the old saying is true – that past is prologue – it’s all but certain that home Internet users will have an increased “need for speed” for years to come!        Two decades ago, home Internet usage was […]

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