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Windy, Icy Winter Storms and Galloping Lines

It’s winter in Indiana. That means storms with wind, snow and ice. When high winds and ice combine, it can affect power lines in a unique way causing them to “gallop.” When ice accumulates on power lines, it forms a teardrop shape. If there are strong winds, the ice that builds up is only on […]

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Preparing for Winter Storms

When winter arrives, Hoosiers are never sure of what to expect. Indiana winters include everything from heavy snows, to freezing rain, to ice storms — sometimes all in one day. All of those forms of winter weather can create electrical hazards. “Being safe around electricity is a year-round need, but Indiana winters include many dangerous […]

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Stay in the car!

On a late wintry Saturday afternoon, Nick and Blake decided to take Nick’s car to a movie — despite falling snow and parental advice to stay home. Moments later, where the county road zigged and zagged a mile past their neighborhood, Nick’s car did neither. It slid straight off and bumped into an electric cooperative […]

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Tips for a safe holiday season!

Your friends at NineStar want you to have a happy — and safe — holiday season. Here are some easy ways to ensure you deck your halls free from fires, falls and fears. When putting up outdoor lights, fasten them securely to trees, your house, walls or another firm support. You want them to remain […]

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Be Safe Around Electricity When Moving Farm Equipment

With the arrival of harvest time, Indiana’s farmers are shifting into high gear as they move into their fields to bring in their crops. The increased activity puts farmers and farm workers at greater risk, warns Tommy Nance, Electric Operations Manager at NineStar Connect. “Combines and grain augers are large pieces of equipment,” says Nance. […]

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Safety Drone
Drones Pose Electrical Safety Issues

Plug Into Safety The use of drones has increased rapidly in the past several years. Coming in various sizes ranging from hummingbird to bald eagle, these remote-controlled aircraft are being used in a vast number of ways by government, industries, commercial enterprises and hobbyists. Electric utilities have come to rely on drones to help inspect […]

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