Why are you stopping your video service?

This is not a decision that was made lightly or overnight.  In the end there were several factors that led us to this decision: 

  1. Programming costs continue to rise.  As more people disconnect video services across the country or “cut the cord”, there are fewer and fewer subscribers to share the costs.  In 2021, approximately 14,000 people per day cut the cord.  This will only accelerate the rise of programming costs that have to be passed along to the members.   
  1. Equipment costs and availability.  As more people turn away from traditional television services, there is less of a market for the equipment needed to provide the service.  Manufacturers are ceasing production of this equipment in favor of more in-demand equipment.  This, along with the supply-chain issues caused by the pandemic, is making the availability of replacement equipment nearly impossible and very expensive.   
  1. The viability of streaming services.  Streaming services have matured to a point to where they are on par with traditional television services.  In fact, streaming services are allowed to offer options that traditional television cannot at this time.  Additionally, streaming services offer lower monthly costs and flexibility to cancel at any time.  When using many of the streaming services, you will find the interface and experience to be almost identical to what you are used to using. 
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