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Data Backups: Cloud Storage

Have you ever lost something important? I know I have, may times. It’s very frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking. Some of the most important information you have is the personal data you keep stored on your computers or smart devices. Personally speaking I have a ton of pictures, music, videos, and documents that if I were […]

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Tips for a safe holiday season!

Your friends at NineStar want you to have a happy — and safe — holiday season. Here are some easy ways to ensure you deck your halls free from fires, falls and fears. When putting up outdoor lights, fasten them securely to trees, your house, walls or another firm support. You want them to remain […]

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Mt. Vernon Student Wins 2020 Youth Power & Hope Award

Indiana Connection and Indiana’s electric cooperatives are proud to sponsor the Youth Power and Hope Awards program. Since 2009, the program has annually honored Indiana youth in grades 5-8 for their community service.  Being an active member in the community can mean anything from volunteering at your church to being involved with 4-H to helping […]

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Extend Your Wired Network Easily with Power-line Communication

What is it? Power-line communication is a form of networking where existing ac-power cable ran in homes or buildings are used to also send data traffic. How does it work? Power-line communication works by sending low frequency signals over the existing ac-power cables. To do this you will need an adaptor (pictured above). Once you […]

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Next Level Broadband Grant

Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch presents a check to NineStar Connect and Henry County REMC from the State of Indiana’s Next Level Broadband Grant Program.  The Next Level Broadband Grant Program is the largest single state investment in broadband. The NineStar Connect and Henry County REMC project will serve 70 unserved rural households and 10 […]

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Be Safe Around Electricity When Moving Farm Equipment

With the arrival of harvest time, Indiana’s farmers are shifting into high gear as they move into their fields to bring in their crops. The increased activity puts farmers and farm workers at greater risk, warns Tommy Nance, Electric Operations Manager at NineStar Connect. “Combines and grain augers are large pieces of equipment,” says Nance. […]

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