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Choose a Laptop
What Laptop Should I Buy?

A question I get asked often is “What computer should I get?” The answer to that largely depends on what you are willing to spend and what you use the computer for. Assuming, like most people, what you use your computer for is checking email, browsing the internet, and creating Word Documents, here is a […]

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Remote Home Control
Smart Home Technology Integrated Into Our Daily Lives

Technology is continually integrated into our daily lives. One of the more recent trends is controlling your home through smart home products. While it is important to be careful about what products you install in your home and connect to your network, their benefits can quickly improve your daily routine and allow you to achieve […]

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Safety Drone
Drones Pose Electrical Safety Issues

Plug Into Safety The use of drones has increased rapidly in the past several years. Coming in various sizes ranging from hummingbird to bald eagle, these remote-controlled aircraft are being used in a vast number of ways by government, industries, commercial enterprises and hobbyists. Electric utilities have come to rely on drones to help inspect […]

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Internet Speed Tuning
Internet Speed Tuning Tip

How to test and change MTU on internet\wan interfaces port. This article is how to test and adjust the internet port for better performance. Let’s say if your Service provider uses an MTU of 1492 and your default WAN interface is set to the standard of 1500 MTU size, your packets will be fragmented (or […]

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3D Printing
What is 3D Printing?

3D printing may be something that you have heard of but do not know that much about.  It is a technology for creating a physical three-dimensional object from a digital file format. 3D printing is also known as an additive manufacturing process because it creates an object by depositing or adding materials layer upon layer […]

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NineStar Upgrades Members to High-Speed Service During Pandemic

No question about it: the coronavirus changed the way we lived and worked throughout the first half of 2020. While hospitals and healthcare centers were working to flatten the COVID-19 curve, NineStar Connect was working to stay ahead of it by providing members with the service they needed to navigate their new normal. “We upgraded […]

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